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    Conveyor belt, the English name conveying belt, also known as conveying belt, is a rubber, fiber, metal composite product, or a composite product of plastic and fabric used in the belt conveyor belt to carry and transport materials. Conveyor belts are widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical, steel and other industries where the transportation distance is short and the transportation volume is small.

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    PVC (polyvinyl chloride) conveyor belt, PU (polyurethane) food conveyor belt, PVK logistics conveyor belt, SIR (silica gel) conveyor belt, etc.

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    Jingtian has an excellent sales and R&D team and several technicians with rich production experience. They have developed a variety of multifunctional conveyor belts, which are resistant to high temperature, abrasion, low temperature, oil, acid and alkali, corrosion, and With combustion and other functions, Sedum conveyor belt is committed to the development of diversification, multi-function and multi-performance.


    With the popularity of conveyor belts in industrial production, multiple varieties, high performance, lightweight, multi-function, and long life are several aspects that manufacturers pay attention to. In industrial production, the correct use of conveyor belts is particularly important. When using conveyor belts, attention should be paid to being covered by materials to prevent load starting, prevent deviation, and repair damage in time to prevent collisions and tears.

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    Wuxi Jingtian Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the hinterland of the rich Yangtze River Delta Plain-Wuxi. It is known as the land of fish and rice. It is the transportation hub of the Taihu Lake Basin, the birthplace of the southern Jiangsu model and the cradle of township industry.
    Wuxi Jingtian Transmission is a conveyor belt processing enterprise, with its own modern plant, covering an area of about 3,300...

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    What kinds of conveyor belt joint equipm...

    What kinds of conveyor belt joint equipment are there? At present, the conveyor belt joint equipment on the market is mainly divided into two types: water-cooled hot press and air-cooled integra...

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